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The quality of services and products is not debatable DOMUS. Perfectly connected, and identical with the name DOMUS. The company is always in accordance with high international standards and quality control; thus DOMUS:

  • applies a certified quality system ISO 9001
  • is following a certified health and safety management system OHSAS 18001
  • have a test lab of finished products according to European standards
  • uses high-tech equipment
  • based on the qualitative work of its human resources
  • manages the suggestions and complaints of customers – based on partners structured system
  • pays particular emphasis in quality system and safeguard against the design, production, control and sale of its products and
  • aims at continuous improvement

The company concentrates on the design in creating products with safety features functionality and convenience in installation and use. The desired result is the best possible relation quality and cost, feature that makes DOMUS hold special place in the market.
The know-how, the many years of experience, the research and innovation of the DOMUS offers quality products high reliability and high security. Evidence; of the strengthening relationship of trust with its partners. The already extensive network of the company grows and the DOMUS is now everywhere, with many representatives everywhere in Greece.

Using creativity, initiative and skills of all staff, DOMUS aims at complete satisfaction of customer's requirements, while improving the internal quality but also the quality of the finished product, development, profitability and the maintenance of the company among the best-if not the best-in the field of domestic and international markets.

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