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DOMUS LOCKING SYSTEMS AND MECHANISMS hold the keys to our doors for almost 100 years. Founder of DOMUS was Yiannis Vassileiou Kounelis. After completing his studies, in 1916, he worked on metal constructions. After a short period of time he created his first small industry of metalic elements.

In 1932, his children, Vassilis and Theodoulos, worked along with him, focusing on producing, buckles, latches, handles and locks for chests, etc.

In 1951, the first greek lock called Piccolo, was created. The company continued its succesful course for the next decades. Sales and distribution of its products was taking place on a national and internalional level. This growth resulted on a significaly big rise on sales for the DOMUS products in Greece.

Exports reached the Arab countries and as a result IΒΜ asked DOMUS to create and produce a modular base for its computers.

A 100 year old story of hard work still continues. DOMUS commits to continue providing high quality products, making an example of itself to all its stakeholders.


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