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DOMUS is trying daily to inspire the corporate values of employees and expects them to be confirmed through the everyday at work. In summary these are:

  • The focus on customer needs
  • The continuous development of our people
  • The emphasis on tasks that bring added value
  • The continuous improvement of our services and of the finished products
  • The consistency with our commitments
  • The unity of each employee with corporate objectives
  • The cooperation, team spirit and positive people relations
  • The willingness, interest, work effort and the availability of the employee in the event of special circumstances
  • The citizenship and sociability

All of the above must be not only acceptable, but the “values” of each employee of the DOMUS. The aim is the efficient working atmosphere, with compatible people and with whom we can work together, in DOMUS, of which we ourselves are providing the environment and defining its identity.

The Operational Strategy
DOMUS developed a modern operational strategy and measures adapted to a medium industrial unit that make it competitive at international level.

Under this strategy; constantly investigating needs of Greek and foreign market to develop new products and improve existing ones. This seeks, through creative, quality and organizational flexibility, not only through quantitative increases in specific products, taking into account the needs of customers – partners.

The high demands of our customers for new products, advanced security and technical knowledge are met through direct and daily contact with them, with experienced staff who provide the necessary technical support and expertise for the implementation and operation of our products.


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