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Main scope of DOMUS SA is the long term satisfaction of its customers’ needs and the continuous improvement of its ISO Quality System’s efficiency. Strategically focused on the constant development at design, production and trading of lock parts (internal and abroad) as well as the growth of its people in managerial level, who also compromise the central and foundational core of the company, DOMUS SA offers to its customers high quality products, realistic and stable collaboration terms at the minimum possible cost.

The management is devoted to the continuous effort on the direction of:

  • Customers’ needs satisfaction
  • Quality improvement of products and services provided
  • Continuous development of company’s policies and procedures
  • Promotion of collaboration and team-working between company’s departments, applying the “internal customer” concept and between its suppliers, sub-contractors and trader-clients.
  • Participation of the whole (Management, Personnel, Suppliers, Traders and Partners) on the continual effort on quality improvement in aspects of creativity, initiative and skills development.

Exploiting its people creativity, initiative and skills DOMUS SA aims to the definite satisfaction of its customers’ needs pursuing at the same time at the company’s internal quality improvement as well as of its final products, development, profitability and company’s keeping among the best – if not the best- on its sector, in both, internal and international business.


DOMUS SA is certified in terms of Occupational Health and Safety Standards in compliance with ELOT 1801 (OHSAS 18001) reassuring that all possible occupational hazards associated with the way it operates are fully controlled, all the current legal framework and the regulatory clauses are applied and that working conditions are constantly improved for employees and associates (visitors, suppliers and sub-constructors).

Fundamental aspects of these Standards are the continuous and systematic recognition, identification and minimization of occupational hazards related on the company’s operation by taking prolifctive and corrective measurements, properly organizing and provision of the necessary resources.

For the effective implementation of the above, the Management remains devoted to continuous effort on the improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Standards in all its operating levels. In this direction it provides all the necessary resources, recognizes and rewards the team working and individual effort. DOMUS SA applies all the compulsory measurements for the elimination of labour accidents and occupational diseases according to the Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

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